Summer Fun

Hi, my name is Imogen and I am 11 and Katie is my mom. I like animals. I will pet sit any animal. I’m not afraid of reptiles, mammals or any other species of animals. My mom or dad will bring me to your house and we will both come in and I will feed your pets, clean the litter box, pet them and play with them. I have no problems with scary animals.

I love all animals. My favorite animal is the wolf. I have seven pets. Four dogs, two cats, and one lizard. The dogs’ names are Misha, Tuppy, Charlie, and Jack. The cats’ names are Sugar and JoJo. Finally, the lizard’s name is Luna. I live near The Crossroads Coffee shop by Forest Hill Park and can petsit animals around my neighborhood.

We pet sit in the afternoons starting at noon and in the evenings at 7:00 pm. We charge $10 per visit. Visits are around twenty minutes. If you have a dog we can let them into the yard or take them on a short walk. You can email me and my mom at or text/call my mom at 804-231-1408.