Problem Solving

You have a problem. Solving this problem requires time and energy that you don’t have. It’s causing you anxiety, you’re putting it off. It’s hard to imagine the relief you’d feel if this problem were addressed.

What I bring to problem-solving is: energy, communication skills, adaptability, intelligence, determination, and a lot of experience online finding the answers to unusual questions. What I don’t bring is: shame, judgment, a bunch of questions, or incompetence.

I generally draw within the lines. I won’t find the best route for smuggling heroin into Sacramento or the most reliable person in Albequrque to kill your ex (as much as he deserves it). But I’m up for the interesting and offbeat.  I’m creative and tenacious. I love to get my hands on a good problem and solve it.

Feel free to contact me to discuss what’s bothering you.

Rates: My rates vary from $20 – $60 an hour depending on what I’m doing. Last week, for example, I spent three hours (!) on hold for a particular client. I charged $20 an hour for that time and $60 an hour for the time I was actually working with someone directly.