Job Wrangler

So you need a job. Maybe you’ve lost your job, maybe you want a new job but you can’t find the energy to look for one because your current job is taking all your energy. Either way, I can help. Here are the services I offer.

Resume revision. I can take your resume and make it clean, modern and well-designed. If you need help with content, I can do that as well. Either way, you’ll end up with a compelling presentation of your awesomeness. I use a standardized format. Want to see it? Here’s my husband’s resume.  Cost: $125.

Online presence.  Having your own website with your resume and other information can be a big boost to searching for work online. You can expand on information on your resume or add more personal information. Here’s an example of a client website. Cost $150.

Cover letters. You send me links to the jobs you want to apply for and I go to work. I sit down, read the job posting, review your resume and write a cover letter that explains why you are someone the company should be interested in getting to know. The cover letter is not done using a template, but rather created anew each time and geared towards the content and the tone of the job description. Cost $35 per letter.

Apply for jobs.  I take your cover letter, fill out all the online forms and apply for the job on your behalf. Cost $35 per application.

How to get started. If you’re interested in working with me, please send me an email at with a copy of your resume and a little about yourself and what kind of work you’re looking for. We can take it from there.

By the hour. If you want a brand new resume, or for me to search for jobs for you to apply for or other job-hunting activities, I am happy to help and I bill by the hour. Cost: $60 an hour.

Before you go. I follow the tenets and advice of Allison Green at Ask A Manager. I suggest her site and books for both practical advice and moral support in the job hunting process.  You can do it all yourself using her and her site as a resource.