Welcome to Bounce Back Studios. My name is Katie Sullivan and this is my online office. I am a consultant who helps people find jobs and deal with problems.

I stumbled into this work. After twenty years of sociology teaching sociology, both online and in the classroom, I started helping a friend who was looking for work write cover letters. From there I started actually applying for jobs for people (doing the hell task of filling out the online forms). Then creating resumes. Then creating professional-presence websites. Then searching for jobs for people to apply for.

Now I’m starting to branch out into other problem-solving areas. My latest task was to spend all day with StudentLoans.gov and a lending institution getting a client’s monthly loan payments reduced. My next goal is to provide help for people who have not filed their taxes or are in some other way in arrears with the government.

If you have a problem you want me to tackle, like a job hunt or figuring out how much you owe the state of Arkansas for that freelance work you did in 2015, let me know. If a task requires energy, intelligence, the ability to communicate and spiffy computer skills, I can do it.

Outside of Bounce Back Studios, I am a writer, a mom, and a denizen of Richmond, Virginia. My daughter Imi is in the 5th grade and attends school online, which is a lot of work (for me). My husband is a computer geek who works at Ft. Lee.

Here’s a video I like: